Palermo prosecutor 'bungled' capture of mob boss, judges say

'Lack of coordination let Matteo Messina Denaro stay at large'

Palermo prosecutor 'bungled' capture of mob boss, judges say

Rome, June 12 - The judiciary's CSM self-governing body on Wednesday accused Palermo's chief prosecutor Francesco Messineo of being responsible for mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro remaining at large. Messineo, the CSM said Wednesday in a disciplinary procedure, did not favour the circulation of information within Palermo's prosecutor's office and "a consequence of this lack of coordination was allegedly the failure to capture the fugitive Matteo Messina Denaro". Messineo will be heard by the CSM in a hearing next month. He risks being removed from his post. Originally from Trapani in Sicily, Messina Denaro has been a fugitive since 1993. The Cosa Nostra leader is known as the 'boss of bosses' and the 'playboy boss' for his passion for women and luxury.

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