Grillo asks Senator to leave M5S for 'damaging image'

'Statements about me and the movement are false'

Grillo asks Senator to leave M5S for 'damaging image'

Rome, June 11 - Beppe Grillo, the leader of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S), asked a Senator to leave the party Tuesday after she labeled him a problem for the M5S. "Senator Adele Gambaro has made false and damaging statements about me," Grillo posted on his blog. "In addition to hurting my image she has done the same to the 5-Star Movement. For this reason I invite her to leave the M5S as soon as possible". Earlier Tuesday Gambaro told Italian television network Sky TG24 that the M5S won little support in recent local elections because of Grillo's behaviour. "The problem with the movement is Beppe Grillo," particularly, his blog posts, said Adele Gambaro, elected in February. Grillo, a former comedian, often communicates his political thoughts via an often angry blog where no holds are barred. "We are paying for the tone and communications of Beppe Grillo," she added. Grillo should "write less and observe more".

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