Beppe Grillo says election losses not the fault of his party

'Italians are losing hope'

Beppe Grillo says election losses not the fault of his party

Rome, June 11 - Beppe Grillo, leader of the 5-Star Movement, dodged responsibility Tuesday for major losses in local elections, hinting that voters will be sorry for their choices. "The outcome of the election is dramatic for Italy," he said in a post on his blog, a major soapbox for him and the movement he spawned on-line in 2009. "Italians, the majority of Italians, they are beginning to lose hope. And this is very sad". In local elections on Sunday and Monday, the centre-left Democratic Party swept the major cities and towns that were up for grabs, while the M5S was largely absent from the run-offs after suffering a big fall in support in the first round of voting two weeks earlier. But Grillo refused to see that as a judgement of his political movement's efforts since it captured around a quarter of the vote in February's general election. He said that other parties have done their best to crush every effort M5S members make to improve their country. "You ask what the M5S has done in recent months," Grillo said in his blog post, listing bills he said his party has tried to present on matters ranging from abolishing grants to newspapers and political parties to election law changes. "I'm ignored, rejected," he added before seemingly loosing patience. "The M5S is legalistic, peaceful...What were you expecting? (That) we would set fire to parliament?"

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