'Natural' dietary supplement may boost male fertility

Naples university tests molecule found in Asian seaweed

'Natural' dietary supplement may boost male fertility

Rome, June 10 - A molecule found in seaweed may help combat male infertility, according to a study revealed by researchers on Monday and published in the "Journal of Steroids and Hormonal Science". Researchers at the Federico II of Naples University tested the use of dietary supplements containing tradamixina, which includes extract from a Asian seaweed called alga ecklonia bicyclis, and is sold as a natural therapy for boosting male health and penile function. Ninety men under treatment for infertility were divided into three groups - one that took the tradamixina supplements together with an anti-estrogen pharmaceutical, a group that took only the anti-estrogen pharmaceutical, and a third group that took a placebo. After six months, the first group had 13 pregnancies, 46.1% more than the group taking only anti-estrogen, study author Giovanni Di Lauro explained. Di Lauro added that the group taking the placebo saw just two pregnancies in the same period. About 15% of child-bearing age couples experience fertility problems, Di Lauro said. One couple in eight have trouble conceiving a first child, while one couple in six encounter trouble with a second. In a quarter of the cases, the men alone have the fertility trouble, while in 20% of the cases, both there is both male and female infertility. In Italy, more than two million men suffer from sterility issues.

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