Members of Italian band 99 posse attacked

Band says act shows rising extremism in Italy

Members of Italian band 99 posse attacked

Naples, June 7 - Members of the Italian hip-hop reggae group 99 Posse said Friday that they were attacked before a concert by members of an extreme right-wing organization. The band, which hails from Naples and is known for left-wing lyrics, was on its way to perform in Velletri, near Rome, when members were attacked. According to singer Zulu, whose real name is Luca Persico, he and a sound engineer were attacked by a dozen people wielding belts and blunt objects, and wearing symbols he said link them to the extreme right. The attack occurred around 10:30 pm Thursday and left the pair with bruises and cuts. They refused to call police or go to hospital, and on their website, the band apologized for cancelling their performance in Velletri. On its website, 99 Posse said the attacks demonstrate rising levels of fascism and extremism in Europe and in Italy.

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