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Italy today like Machiavelli's era says young-business body

Morelli says government must end uncertainty, fear in economy

Italy today like Machiavelli's era says young-business body

Santa Margherita Ligure, June 7 - The uncertainties and struggles that Italy faces today are not so different from those faced more than 500 years ago, when Italian political thinker Machiavelli wrote The Prince, the leader of young businessmen in Confindustria said Friday. "In the summer of 1513, Machiavelli began writing The Prince, in an Italy plagued by uncertainties and struggles," Jacopo Morelli told a conference of the youth wing of Confindustria. "Today, after 500 years, similarities are (still) there". And that should serve as a wake-up call to government to do more to move Italy away from the fear and uncertainty the economy faces today. "When the future is fear, when inequality threatens our society...there comes a time, and that time is now," to stop wasting opportunities for dramatic economic and fiscal reforms, he said.

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