Sassari province in Sardinia condemns Riina transfer plan

Mafia boss together with other prisoners set to be sent there

Sassari province in Sardinia condemns Riina transfer plan

Sassari, June 6 - A leading politician in the Italian island region of Sardinia on Thursday vocally opposed a reported plan to transfer Salvatore 'Toto" Riina, the most powerful Sicilian Mafia boss in the 1980s and early 1990s, to a prison in the area. The president of the Province of Sassari, Alessandra Giudici, cited comments made by Pino Arlacchi, United Nations delegate for the battle against the media and global security expert, in which he said Riina's transfer, together with that of other jailed mafia chiefs, to the Sassari prison was imminent. "The announcement made by an expert such as Arlacchi on the imminent arrival to the Bancali jail of mafia and other organized crime bosses, starting from Toto' Riina, unfortunately doesn't surprise us thought it hugely disappoints us", said Giudici. Arrested in 1993, Toto' Riina is currently being held in a maximum-security jail on multiple life sentences.

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