Concrete hotel skeleton on Agrigento coast demolished

Building encasement built 25 yrs ago on stunning beach

Concrete hotel skeleton on Agrigento coast demolished

Agrigento, June 6 – The skeleton of a concrete building that was designed to become a hotel was demolished on Thursday in the stunning 'Scala dei Turchi' (Turks' Ladder) rock formation overlooking the sea at Realmonte in Agrigento, Sicily, ending a 25-year battle between environmentalists and the entrepreneurs that were behind the construction. The demolition will restore the famous Scala dei Turchi white rock formation, smoothed by water and wind over the centuries, to its original, untouched state. The white rocky cliffs have been indented and rounded by the blue sea underneath and are a well-known tourist attraction. The so-called 'ecomonster', as it has been branded by environmentalists, had been built as part of a plan to set up a hotel on the beach. Its construction sparked a battle between conservationists and the constructors behind the project. Mimmo Fontana, the president of environmental group Legambiente, celebrated by donning a T-shirt with 'Demolished' emblazoned on the front.

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