Parliament's chief for RAI determined to remove politics

New chair of RAI supervisory committee from M5S

Parliament's chief for RAI determined to remove politics

Rome, June 6 - The newly elected chairman for the Italian parliament's supervisory committee for the public broadcaster RAI said Thursday he would work to remove political influence from the network, whose key posts have traditionally been divvied up among ruling and opposition parties. "I hope that during this legislature we will do superb work and, without concealing it, in all transparency, I hope that the guiding light of the committee will be to try detaching politics from communications and from State TV, which belongs to all the citizens," said Roberto Fico, a member of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement, who was elected chairman on Thursday. "Free journalists will be safeguarded," he said. The supervisory committee appoints a number of members of the administrative council that runs RAI. Other members of the council are appointed by RAI's largest shareholder, the finance ministry. The parliament supervisory committee also has a say on issues such as programming, budgets and advertising.

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