Italian police seize 800 tonnes of toxic organic soya

Part of wider Green War operation

Italian police seize 800 tonnes of toxic organic soya

Pesaro, June 6 - Italian police on Thursday seized 800,000 tonnes of toxic Indian soya seeds from organic food companies in the cities of Cremona, Brescia and Pesaro. Investigators said the seeds had such high concentrations of pesticides that they were unsuitable for use in products to be sold as organic or as conventional foodstuffs. The police also seized 340 tonnes of Turkish rapeseed and rapeseed oil that was also contaminated by high levels of pesticides. The market value of the goods commandeered was around 600,000 euros. The seizures were part of a wider operation entitled Green War that has seen 2,700 tonners of fake organic goods with a value of around 1.2 million euros seized. Thirty people are under investigation.

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