Bossi lashes out at Maroni in ongoing Northern League spat

'It's all rubbish' says party founder

Bossi lashes out at Maroni in ongoing Northern League spat

Rome, June 5 - The founder of the Northern League on Wednesday lashed out again at the head of the regionalist party in an ongoing internal spat. "It's all rubbish," said Umberto Bossi, responding to statement's from League Secretary and Lombardy Governor Roberto Maroni, who said Bossi has been "damaging" to the party. The founder of the Northern League sparked a party uproar Tuesday when he said he should return to lead after calling Maroni a "traitor" for allying too closely with ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi and the center right, rather than focusing on promoting regions in the north. Signs of strain between the two surfaced shortly after Bossi resigned in 2012 amid a corruption probe and Maroni took over the party. That July, when Maroni said Bossi only played an "emotional role" in the party, Bossi shot back that "I'm the boss. There are many small dogs who bark very loudly but don't frighten anyone". Verona Mayor Flavio Tosi, the head of the League's Veneto region chapter, said Wednesday there was "zero chance Bossi would retake (the reins of) the League". Bossi replied that the future of the movement, which he had spearheaded since its founding in the 1980s, and whether or not his comments have hurt it, depended on "who the League runs in (upcoming) local elections". "It's all nonsense," he added.

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