Ladybirds help clean up and protect Latina's gardens

Aphid-eating insects ready to keep park's linden trees safe

Ladybirds help clean up and protect Latina's gardens

Rome, June 5 - Some 10,000 ladybirds, also known as ladybugs in North America and elsewhere, were set free in the public gardens of Latina, just south of Rome, as part of a green initiative to fight unwanted insects that attack the park's plants and trees. The cheerful little aphid eaters are part of a program by Sogin, the Italian state-owned company responsible for the clean-up of the country's nuclear sites. Latina Prefect Antonio D'Acunto, Mayor Giovanni Di Giorgi, Sogin CEO Giuseppe Nucci and 130 elementary students attended the setting-free of the ladybirds whose job is to protect the park's 300 linden trees from foliage-munching larvae. "This initiative has cultural value for all of our territory and will help educate tomorrow's citizens, which is why we have invited our elementary school students here today," Mayor Di Giorgi said.

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