Kyenge's daughter was victim of racist insults

Integration minister says children don't 'feel different'

Kyenge's daughter was victim of racist insults

Rome, June 4 - Congo-born Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge said that her Italian-born daughters had experienced more racism in the country than she had. "I didn't have problems in Italy...though there was some mistrust on the part of Italians," Kyenge told Chi magazine in an interview out Wednesday. But for her two daughters born from her marriage to Calabrian engineer Domenico Grispino, things have been "worse", Kyenge said. "They don't feel 'different' because they have an Italian father," said Kyenge, giving an example of one incident. "One day Giulia (one of her two daughters) came home shocked after being verbally abused by a bus driver who accused her of being a sneaky foreigner and trying not pay her ticket when, in fact, it was just that her bus pass wasn't working," said Kyenge. "My dream is to see all people treated equally as citizens," Kyenge said. Since her appointment in Premier Enrico Letta's left-right government, the country's first black minister Kyenge has suffered racist attacks from the anti-immigrant Northern League and anonymous bigots.

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