Survey of American students find strong interest in Italy

U.S. students see Italy as world leader in food, fashion, wine

Survey of American students find strong interest in Italy

Rome, June 3 - In the eyes of young Americans, Italy stands as a global leader in wine, food and fashion, according to survey released Monday. Results of the survey by the Italy-USA Foundation, conducted in collaboration with the Loyola University of Chicago, was scheduled for presentation Monday in Italy's lower house. The poll was conducted with about 850 students in the United States, and found that nearly 50% of students who have not yet visited Italy want to see the country. Another 18% say they would live in Italy if they could. However, the survey found many stereotypes about Italy still linger - pizza and spaghetti were named as Italy's top foods. And many of the students surveyed knew very little about European institutions: 57% were not aware of the European Commission, which is the executive body of the European Union.

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