Lipari (Messina)

Germans on Italian island appeal to Merkel for electricity

Stromboli residents seeks German help with power system

Germans on Italian island appeal to Merkel for electricity

Lipari (Messina), June 3 - Germans living on the small, volcanic island of Stromboli say the Italian government won't fix their electrical system so they're appealing to Angela Merkel. The German-born residents of Ginostra, a small village accessible only by sea, say they hope that Merkel, the German chancellor, will hear their pleas and intervene. "We requested the help of the region and national government, but we are left to our fate," said Karol Hoffman, adding that about a dozen of his fellow Germans have lived for 30 years in Ginostra. "We just have to make an appeal to Angela Merkel". Electricity is now supplied by photovoltaic panels but the system doesn't always work properly, complained Hoffman. The small group of German residents aren't alone in their plea. Hoffman says the population swells to as many as 200 Germany tourists who rent vacation homes around Ginostra every year. He says that the area boasts great beauty and is a unique, European gem that is ignored by too much of the world.

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