Berlusconi calls for strong measures to kick-start economy

Former premier made comments during interview on Canale 5 TV

Berlusconi calls for strong measures to kick-start economy

Rome, May 31 - Former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi, whose People of Freedom party (PdL) is currently serving in government together with rival Democratic Party (PD), on Friday called for strong measures such as the abolition of the recently-introduced IMU property tax to serve as a "positive shock" for the economy. "We are supporting the government with conviction, but now all Italians are waiting for the outcome of the economy test", Berlusconi said. Berlusconi said that Italians will judge the success of Premier Enrico Letta's current left-right government by "the abolition of the IMU tax, the halt on raising the value-added tax, the reform of Equitalia (tax collection agency) and the lowering of the tax rate". "We are pushing and insisting on a positive shock that could serve the economy," he said. Berlusconi made the comments in an interview on Canale 5, one of the media magnates TV channels.

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