Italian premier hails new era of reform

Letta calls for giving institutions more decision-making power

Italian premier hails new era of reform

Rome, May 29 - Speaking to the senate in Rome on Wednesday, Premier Enrico Letta hailed a new era of reform and called for empowering Italian institutions to make more decisions on their own. Letta said the process of reform "begun last April 22" gives Italy "a historic opportunity that must absolutely be taken and that we can take because it is within our reach". Letta declared, "We can give more decisional capacity and representation to our institutions" and explained, "We need institutions that make decisions more rapidly". "This is the main objective and one of the main structural reforms (necessary) to make our country able to decide, to reinforce the quality of our democracy" and to respond to citizens that in the last election "harshly criticized us too," Letta explained. Letta added that it was appropriate that Italy should be deliberating reform on the day the country was released from European proceedings for excessive deficit, and on which the EU issued a list of recommended structural reforms. "What we are doing today should be the beginning of one of the most important structural reforms that Italy can do" since giving Italy the "ability to decide" is fundamental for economic recovery, Letta explained.

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