Moavero slams EU energy commissioner's Italy comment

Calls 'ingovernability' quip 'superficial and isolated'

Moavero slams EU energy commissioner's Italy comment

(updates previous) Brussels, May 29 - Italian Minister of European Affairs Enzo Moavero on Wednesday slammed comments on Italy made by European Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger, calling them "superficial and isolated". Oettinger described Italy as ''almost ungovernable'' in an alarm-raising speech in which he blasted the state of Europe as "a restructuring case" in Brussels Tuesday evening. A member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, Oettinger made his speech to German, Belgian and Luxembourgian Chambers of Commerce, then reported on Wednesday by the German daily Bild and the UK's Daily Mail. "I'm worried about countries that, overall, are almost ungovernable, such as Bulgaria, Romania and Italy," Oettinger, a German and, was quoted as saying. "In Italy, there is no problem of governability," Italian Minister Moavero retorted on Wednesday in Brussels, where he was working on the EU's Competitiveness Council. "I do not know the motives for these curious statements. In Italy there is no problem of governability," Moavero continued. "Such superficial and isolated considerations reveal a lack of information and institutional grace, the author of which (should) assume responsibility".

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