Premier Letta meets regional authorities from across Italy

Calabria says healthcare costs not likely to increase as feared

Premier Letta meets regional authorities from across Italy

Catanzaro, May 27 - Authorities in southern Italy said Monday they are confident that additional healthcare costs that might have totaled two billion euros next year can be avoided. Antonella Stasi, vice-president of Calabria's regional government, said that after a meeting with regional chiefs and Premier Enrico Letta, she was optimistic that rising healthcare costs could be contained. Healthcare and regional development were two of the top priority topics during the meeting. Regional leaders also asked that Letta's government relax demands under the country's internal stability pact, to give them more time to adjust their finances. "We stressed the urgent need for a revival of (the south) through economic measures," including a relaxation of the "vise-tightening" contained in the stability pact, said Stasi. In his inaugural address to MPs in late April, Letta called for a "softening of the internal stability pact," which involves various taxes and other budget measures.

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