Woman suspected of killing elderly man by scalding

Police found 82-year-old wet and immobile under bed

Woman suspected of killing elderly man by scalding

Cosenza, May 27 - A woman in the southern region of Calabria is being held by police suspected of the murder of 82-year-old Donato Annesi, who died from burns overnight. Police said that 46-year-old Pina Ferrari called emergency on Friday asking for help with a man who was "under the bed and did not want to leave" in the home where they lived together. When they arrived they found Annesi wrapped in a sheet wet with urine and water, unable to move. Ferrari told police that he had taken a hot shower with his clothes on. The man was transferred to Naples Cardarelli hospital's burn unit where doctors said in a brief moment of consciousness, Annesi told them that Ferrari had poured boiling water on him. Investigators found that Annesi had been treated at hospitals three times over the last several years for burns, but had claimed they were from domestic accidents.

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