Facebook risks suit over girl 'cyberbullied' into suicide

'Gossip may have pushed Italian teen to leap from window'

Facebook risks suit over girl 'cyberbullied' into suicide

(ANSA) – Turin, May 24 – The Italian Parents' Association (Moige) has filed a criminal complaint with Rome prosecutors against Facebook for failed checks and vigilance on its online platform that allegedly played a role in not having prevented the January suicide of a 14-year-old girl in the northern Italian city of Novara. Investigators on Friday said they were probing eight minors, between the ages of 15 and 17, for suspected incitement of suicide and possession of child pornography. A preliminary reconstruction at the time of the girl's suicide said "negative gossip" may have pushed her to jump from a window to her death. News of her suicide triggered a torrent of Twitter messages from friends and relatives fingering gossip-mongering bullies, investigators found. The teenager went to a party with friends the same night she leaped from her parents' window, and was not known to have particular problems or psychological issues.

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