Napolitano praises slain anti-Mafia magistrates

Their battles, examples 'have borne fruit'

Napolitano praises slain anti-Mafia magistrates

Eome, May 23 - Italian president Giorgio Napolitano praised slain anti-mafia judges Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone on the anniversary of Falcone's death on Thursday. "Italy has been strongly impacted by these two exceptional servers of the nation, by these important judges, these authentic heroes that sacrificed their lives in the name of lawfulness and democracy," Napolitano said. "Their battle, and their example, has borne fruit". On May 23, 1992 a roadside bomb took the lives of Falcone, his wife and three police officers. The massacre was followed by a July 19 car bombing that killed Borsellino and five police officers.

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