Letta to earn 100,000 euros less annually as Premier

Government pay cuts 'permanent' says Italian leader

Letta to earn 100,000 euros less annually as Premier

Rome, May 23 - As a result of government-employee pay restrictions, Italian Premier Enrico Letta will earn nearly 100,000 euros less annually than before he took the helm of the country's recently appointed left-right administration, financial experts said on Thursday. Calculations, based on a gross income for the tax year, showed that Letta will earn 99,931 euros less, meaning that his take-home pay annually will come to 62,112 euros and include a supplement of 13,194 euros. Last week, the government abolished double pay for ministers. Letta said scrapping the second wage government members get as well as their MP salaries would be "a structural measure, which also concerns the future" and would be permanent. Cutting political costs to help restore voter trust is a government priority, Letta said.

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