Milan Expo 2015 to be 'festival of integration', says Bonino

Govt commitment shown by cuts exemption, says foreign minister

Milan Expo 2015 to be 'festival of integration', says Bonino

Milan, May 21 - Milan, as a ''friendly, cosmopolitan city'', is the perfect location for the "festival of integration" that will be Expo 2015, Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino said Tuesday. ''I'd like to make Expo 2015 a joyous celebration of cultural integration that looks to the future,'' Bonino said during a United Nations conference in Italy's business capital on making the most of the world's water supplies. That means Expo 2015 should be a forum for bringing together cultures from a variety of countries, she added. ''None of us is called to disavow their roots.... but there is no future if you look only at (your) roots,'' Bonino said. Bonino also reaffirmed the Italian government's commitment to the international fair, noting that despite deep budget cuts, allocations for Expo 2015 have not been cut. ''A tangible sign (of our commitment) is that at this difficult time, is that one budget has not been touched - the one related to Expo,'' she said. ''Imagine how hard it was (to do that)".

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