Salerno mayor steps up anti-prostitution battle

Police clamp down on roads, coastline

Salerno mayor steps up anti-prostitution battle

Salerno, May 20 - The mayor of Salerno, who is also the junior minister for infrastructure in the new Italian government appointed last month, has passed a measure banning prostitution in the area of his municipality Vincenzo De Luca's new law in particular focuses on prostitution in public areas, which is expressly "banned in whichever means of behaviour, in public offices, or in spaces that are visible to the public". The measures are the latest step in the battle against prostitution that De Luca began several years ago, also thanks to the help of the local traffic wardens who are working with him on beefing up controls all over the municipality's territory. Particular focus is being placed on commercial activities along the city's coastline, following complaints to local authorities of the presence of prostitutes in nightclubs there. In addition, local enforcement officers have in recent times steeped up checks being carried out along certain roadways of the city. Sanctions for those carrying out activities related to prostitution remain those introduced in 2008, involving a 500 euro fine.

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