Anonymous hackers shut down Rome court's website

Network claims it has closed major sites

Anonymous hackers shut down Rome court's website

Rome, May 20 - The official website of the Court of Rome was shut down Monday after members of the "hacktivist" network Anonymous said they broke into its computer system. The cyber attack comes just days after police arrested four Italian members of the network for allegedly hacking into computer systems of the national government, parliament and the Vatican. "This is where we will block," a member of the network claimed Monday on Facebook, referring to last Friday's arrests. "This is where we will fight! This is where we die!," the post continued. "Do you think you have cut off (our) head? We are still alive and will continue to follow our ideals". The four arrested last Friday, in four different Italian cities, are believed to have also penetrated key infrastructure computer systems as well as those of major firms. Anonymous, a digital activism umbrella group linked to numerous high-profile cyber attacks worldwide, has stepped up a campaign in Italy over the last two years. In April, hackers from the group brought down the home pages of the Italian interior ministry, the police and the Carabinieri. In a statement circulated online, the hackers said operation 'Tango Down' was a counterattack for a list of grievances including labour injustice in Italy and police brutality at protests in Genoa in 2001 surrounding the G8 summit. Hackers under the same moniker successfully took down the Vatican home page twice in March. Anonymous came to world prominence in December 2010 when thousands of supporters downloaded its attack software to defend WikiLeaks, the whistle-blowing website founded by Julian Assange.

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