Italy trails in providing future for children, report says

Save the Children launches guerilla campaign across country

Italy trails in providing future for children, report says

Rome, May 20 - Italy ranks among the last countries in the European Union when it comes to providing a bright future to its children, Save the Children reported Monday as it launched a national awareness campaign. Trailing behind Greece and Bulgaria, Italy is seventh to last in the 27-member EU according to the NGO's "poverty of future" list, which includes criteria such as offering education and work opportunities to children and adolescents. To raise awareness, Save the Children is launching a series of events and stunts in 16 cities, chiding the country for "robbing children and families of funds, a lack of resources, and the low level of education and work available". The name of the campaign is 'Allarme Infanzia' (Childhood Allarms). In Rome and Milan, cardboard cutouts of children were installed around the historic centers, with phrases such as "they robbed my fresh air", "they robbed my school lunches" and "they robbed my house".

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