Up to 175 species, 10 habitats vanish from Italy says WWF

World Wildlife Fund opens doors for 'Oasis Day'

Up to 175 species, 10 habitats vanish from Italy says WWF

Rome, May 15 - As many as 175 species and 10 natural habitats have disappeared from Italy's landscape, according to a study released Wednesday by the World Wildlife Fund. The figures, drawn from studies by the international organization, come just days before Sunday's WWF Oasis Day 2013 when it throws open its doors across the peninsula to raise awareness of Italy's biodiversity. All areas managed by WWF around the country will be open free of charge, while it mounts a fundraising campaign. There are more than 100 Oasis sites across the WWF network in Italy, comprising more than 30,000 hectares of land. The organization says the Oasis sites have become one of its main tools for protecting biodiversity and achieving sustainable development. Such work is critical, according to studies by the WWF which have shown that habitat and natural species are under attack by everything from climate change to habitat destruction. The recent WWF study found numerous species of fish and birds have disappeared in Italy.

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