Bizarre spring weather splits Italy in two

Autumn rain in the north, summer heat in the south

Bizarre spring weather splits Italy in two

Rome, May 15 - Weird weather is forecast for Italy over the next four days, continuing a rare meteorological pattern that has split the country in two. Autumn-like cold and rain are enshrouding the north while hot summer sunshine is clobbering Italy's south. Three rainy fronts are expected over the next four days to cross northern Italy, especially drenching the mountains, while hot sirocco winds from Africa will push temperatures higher than average in the south by four to five degrees celsius, reported meteorologist Francesco Nucera at weather website on Wednesday. Nucera reckoned it would reach 26-28 degress in the bottom of Italy's boot and up to 30 degrees in Sicily. "After a rainy winter, this (is a) very bizarre spring especially in the central north. The singularity is not so much in the presence but in the recurrence of these low pressure systems that seem so reluctant to easily abandon the Mediterranean," Nucera concluded.

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