Veiled threat on anti-high-speed-rail blog probed

'No TAV' post chided rail workers for 'selfish' choice

Veiled threat on anti-high-speed-rail blog probed

Turin, May 15 - A veiled threat appeared on an Italian blog against construction on the TAV high-speed rail on Wednesday, sparking a probe by anti-terrorism police and fear for construction workers. The 'No TAV' blog said workers at the TAV construction site in Chiomonte, in northern Italy, had made a "selfish choice" that "puts them outside the community" and "condemns them to a difficult coexistence with the territory". Turin prosecutors are taking the blog seriously after Molotov cocktails and fireworks were lobbed in an attack on a construction site two nights ago. Investigators believe the blog post is significant given the new aims of an extremist faction of the No TAV activists.

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