Preschool teacher and director arrested for student abuse

Accused of physical and verbal violence against toddlers

Preschool teacher and director arrested for student abuse

Rome, May 15 - Police arrested a teacher and the head of a public preschool in Rome on Wednesday for allegedly mistreating children and creating a climate of terror in the classroom. Investigators say the employees of the San Romano preschool were caught on videotape physically abusing students and incited bigger children to get violent with younger ones. Investigators also allege cognitively and psychologically handicapped children were lashed verbally, called names like "stupid" and "bastard" by their teacher. In one incident, the teacher allegedly threatened a toddler who wet his pants to make him clean the urine off the floor with his face in front of classmates, and forced him to kneel and clean the puddle with tissues. A mother of an autistic child and class representative said she had had no inkling that anything wrong was taking place. Other parents at the school demanded to see the incriminating police videos and clamoured for explanations.

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