Berlusconi's lawyer says sentence request defies precedent

'Six years is very high' says Ghedini

Berlusconi's lawyer says sentence request defies precedent

Milan, May 13 - Silvio Berlusconi's defense lawyer on Monday said prosecutors' request for a six-year combined jail term for the ex-premier in his sex trial in Milan was "very high". "Especially when compared to the historical precedent," said Nicolo' Ghedini. Prosecutors also called for Berlusconi to be banned for life from holding public office. Berlusconi is charged with allegedly having sex with an underage prostitute known as 'Ruby' and allegedly abusing his position to spring her from a police station on an unrelated theft claim. The three-time premier and media magnate was facing maximum possible terms of three years and 12 years respectively. Berlusconi and Ruby deny having sex and the ex-premier claims the case is the latest example of allegedly left-wing prosecutors trying to hound him from office. Prosecutors told the court there was "no doubt" Ruby was a prostitute and had sex with Berlusconi.

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