Another Italian woman victim of acid attack

Third in a month

Another Italian woman victim of acid attack

Vicenza, May 10 - A 31-year-old woman received hospital treatment on Friday after having acid thrown at her in the third such attack to take place in Italy in a month. The woman was attacked by two hooded men after opening the door of her home in the northern city of Vicenza. They made her lie down and one reportedly held her while the other poured a substance over her, according to initial reports. The woman suffered minor burns on one arm and her bottom. Earlier this month a 32-year-old pregnant woman was attacked with hydrochloric acid while on her way to the hospital for a prenatal visit. A man on a scooter threw the highly corrosive acid into her face, missing her eyes, as she was entering the hospital for routine tests. Three people have been arrested after a 35-year-old attorney's face was disfigured in an acid attack last month. Two Albanian men are suspected of carrying out the attack and the woman's ex-boyfriend is accused of ordering it.

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