Genoa teaches food lovers to savor 'Slow Fish'

'The Sea Belongs to everyone' organizers say

Genoa teaches food lovers to savor 'Slow Fish'

(By Alina Trabattoni) Genoa, May 10 - Food lovers, chefs and fishermen are flocking to the sixth annual Slow Fish event in the historic port of Genoa this week, where they can are enjoy an open-air market, tastings, workshops and events, all the while chatting to like-minded aficionados in the four-day. The event is entirely dedicated to the world of fish and marine ecosystems, and is organized by the Liguria Regional Authority and the Slow Food movement. It is held in the spacious and striking outdoor spaces of the Northern Italian port town's Porto Antico quarters through May 12. Aside from highlighting the gastronomical delicacies that are on offer, it will also aim to make visitors more sensitive to the main issues facing the marine environment and fish resources. Free admission will be offered to the events held in the docks overlooking the sea, tailored for all ages and in respect of the various different needs of the public. "The theme of this sixth edition is 'the Sea Belongs to everyone', and opens up a city to an event that is positioned on the docks overlooking the sea," Roberto Burdese, president of Slow Food Italy, said in an interview. "The aim is to make people more sensitive to the importance individuals' choices have in terms of determining the health of our seas. "Slow Fish informs consumers, seeks to highlight the value of good and clean fish, and tries to open up the debate among protagonists of sustainable fishing". Slow Fish's international campaign to promote healthy, clean and correct use of fishery resources has been gaining pace in recent years as more consumers seek out healthier, more sustainable food styles. A series of cooking classes will be held to pass on secrets of the trade and special recipes to home cooks. One of the new programs this year includes the presentation of the "Fish 'n' Chef" event where 16 renowned chefs from Italy and abroad will cook up their recipes using the fresh catch of the day in front of the public, and go on to match them up with complementary wines and beers. Stefano Sorci, one of the renowned chefs who will be exhibiting at the event, says he joined the Slow Fish movement six years ago. The Slow Fish concept is eponymous of "being able to serve right away what the sea has to offer," Sorci said in an interview. Sorci runs the restaurant Oste de La Dispensa di Orbetello in Tuscany. "The Slow Fish concept was a part of me even before I knew of its existence. At the time, I felt quite isolated having this philosophy in the restaurant world," said Sorci. "Then I discovered others like me, who believe that a chef needn't be an assassin, but a workman of the sea. "The variety is endless, there is an ocean of fish out there". Another area in the Porto Antico will host the colourful fresh fish market, which will offer a rich display of fresh and preserved fish. In addition, oils, spices, salts, seaweeds and other related products that are a fundamental part of fish recipes will also be laid out for visitors to select. The rules for the exhibitors, who include both foreigners and Italians, is that their wares must contain products that are completely free of conservatives and artificial additives. The sale of species that are at risk of becoming extinct, like swordfish, bluefin tuna, and shark are banned. There will be other Slow Food representatives present, meaning that an wide variety of mouth-watering breads, cheeses, fruits, cured meats and vegetables will also be available. Workshops will be held to allow interested parties of all ages, be they students, children or adults, to learn about making sustainable fish choices and become familiar with lesser-known species. Those wishing to take part in a more practical experience will be able to travel out to sea with real-life fishermen, and swap interesting talk about recipes and traditions with their hosts.

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