Berlusconi asks for personal, politics to be kept separate

Must now move forward and introduce reforms, Berlusconi says

Rome, May 9 - Former Premier Silvio Berlusconi on Thursday called for his personal and judiciary matters to be kept separate from political ones, highlighting the need to move forward in support of the grand coalition government which his People of Freedom (PdL) party formed with the rival centre-left Partito Democratico (PD) group in order to permit the introduction of much-needed reforms. Berlusconi made the comments in an interview aired on his TG4 television news bulletin. "For sure, we won't be the ones to interrupt the road towards pacification that we have decided to take, and that we have wanted after years of strong confrontations", he said. "We must force ourselves to keep Berlusconi's personal matters separate from issues relating to government and reforms, though its not an easy task given the very strong attacks against my person". Berlusconi was responding to a journalist's question on whether he thought his judiciary proceedings could affect the political climate as well as the government itself. "Only by going forward will be manage to introduce the reforms we promised during the election campaign, to re-launch the economy and to make Italy a nation that is governable."

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