Bossi's son says yacht 'not his'

Luxury boat in Northern League embezzlement probe

Bossi's son says yacht 'not his'

Milan, May 7 - The son of Northern League founder and ex-leader Umberto Bossi denied owning a 2.5-million-euro yacht that was allegedly bought with money allegedly embezzled in a case that led to the arrest last month of former party treasurer Francesco Belsito. "That yacht is not mine," said Riccardo Bossi. "I don't even have the license to captain one. It belongs to a friend of mine, Stefano Alessandri. He's not my business partner. We've been friends since 2009. Furthermore, records show he bought it in 2007, which was not only before I knew him but before I know Francesco Belsito". Investigators say the yacht was bought with money allegedly misappropriated from the party funding of the regionalist and anti-immigrant party. Umberto Bossi stepped down last year as he and members of his family were implicated in one of several embezzlement scandals.

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