Reggio Emilia

Confessed killer of companion released

'A disgrace', victim's brother says

Confessed killer of companion released

Reggio Emilia, May 7 - A man who confessed to killing his companion and burning their bedroom to cover it up while their infant son slept nearby has been released after a year because a preliminary hearing has not been set by a legal deadline. Ivan Forte, 27, confessed to strangling his girlfriend, Tiziana Olivieri, 40, near Reggio Emilia in April 2012. Forte has been ordered to report regularly to police in his native Calabria, where he will be living with his parents, and not to go out at night. Olivieri's brother Alessandro said: "He's free to come and kill us, take his son away, what has he got to lose?" "The State has abandoned us, it's a disgrace".

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