Andreotti is dead but his murky past lives, says Di Pietro

Seven-time premier complicit with the Mafia, says Ingroia

Andreotti is dead but his murky past lives, says Di Pietro

Rome, May 6 - Former anti-corruption prosecutor Antonio Di Pietro said Monday that the death of seven-time premier Giulio Andreotti does not cancel out his murky past. "The death of any human being as such commands respect, but respect for his life story is another matter", said Di Pietro, the founder of the centrist Italy of Values (IdV) party, a former minister under the center-left Prodi government and a fierce opponent of former premier Silvio Berlusconi. "That of Giulio Andreotti is written...also and most of all in the reams of court documents about him, which cannot and must not ever be erased". Among many other cases against him, Andreotti was convicted and then acquitted on appeal of ordering the 1979 Mafia hit on muck-raking journalist Mino Pecorelli. Di Pietro was echoed by anti-Mafia prosecutor and politician Antonio Ingroia, from the leftist Civil Revolution (RC) coalition. "His cynical pragmatism...led him to make deals with the Mafia. Andreotti, a man of many shadows and little light, may be dead, but his ideology certainly isn't", said Ingroia, who as a prosecutor went after high-level politicians for alleged collusion with the Mafia.

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