Racist attack on Minister Kyenge found on Padua school wall

Police sources say individual, not group, probably responsible

Racist attack on Minister Kyenge found on Padua school wall

Padua, May 2 - A racist attack on Italian Integration Minister Cecilie Kyenge appeared earlier this week on a wall at the Cornaro High School in Padua, Northern Italy, according to a statement by a group of students. Kyenge, a doctor who was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, become Italy's first black minister after being named in Premier Enrico Letta's new cabinet last Saturday. "We are extremely worried about the frightening climate of racism and xenophobia that is developing in certain areas, which is reflected in the way the recently appointed minister Cecilie Kyenge is being placed under attack," the statement said. These actions find their origin "not only in individuals but also in entire parties, first and foremost the Northern League, which has always been a bastion of political intolerance and racism," the students said. "These are attitudes that need to be condemned," the students went on, saying they wanted a country that was anti-racist and open to diverse cultures. "It's time to say enough to these acts of vandalism and racism". School delegates said they had already taken action to have the graffiti removed. Police sources say that from a preliminary examination, they have not been able to determine the existence of an organized group behind the writings, adding that it was likely to have been the action of a single individual.

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