Italian labor minister calls job creation a priority

Govt must address temporary contracts, says Giovannini

Italian labor minister calls job creation a priority

Rome, May 2 - Italian Labour Minister Enrico Giovannini on Thursday highlighted the government's priority to boost jobs in the eurozone's third-largest economy, saying the cabinet's key mission was that of ensuring the "system intrinsically generates jobs for everyone, and in particular for the young". Giovannini, who was speaking at an Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) presentation in Rome, said "people's dignity, their role in society, and their knowledge of being part of a community comes from work". The Italian economy has contracted for two straight years, and unemployment levels have jumped close to 12%, almost a two-decade high. The issue of temporary-employment contracts also needs to be "addressed urgently and with attention, because the labour market needs the stability that rules can provide," Giovannini said. "They were halted in a moment of serious economic recession" from being involved in an ongoing reforms process. "If we introduce and then scrap the rules continuously, we are not going to help investments".

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