Letta says Italy will respect commitments to EU

Italian premier wants union to focus more on growth

Letta says Italy will respect commitments to EU

Brussels, May 2 - Premier Enrico Letta said Thursday that Italy would abide by its deficit and debt-reduction commitments to the European Union after meeting European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso on Thursday. Letta, who was sworn in at the helm of a left-right government on Sunday, saw Barroso at the end of a European tour in which he called for the union to put as much emphasis on promoting growth as it has on fiscal consolidation so far during the eurozone crisis. "I confirmed to Barroso that the intention is to maintain the commitments taken with the Commission by the previous government," said Letta, who met met French President Francois Hollande on Wednesday and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday.

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