M5S says politicians try to blame it for shooting

Blog post says 'our movement peaceful'

M5S says politicians try to blame it for shooting

Rome, April 29 - A post on the blog of Beppe Grillo, the head of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S), on Monday accused Italy's traditional political parties of trying to pin the blame on his movement for Sunday's shooting in Rome during the government's swearing-in ceremony. The incident left one Carabinieri police officer critically injured and another with non-life-threatening wounds. "They're trying to pin the blame on the M5S," the blog post, signed by Sergio R., read. "The jackals are at work, even though they feel some sense of shame. They're getting it wrong again: we are a peaceful movement and we will use democracy to send them all home," Sergio R. wrote. The M5S emerged as the single-largest bloc in Italy's lower house following last February's national elections and its leader, a former comedian, repeatedly accuses Italy's traditional politicians and political parties of doing whatever it takes to keep their grip on power.

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