Renzi says party should think hard before rejecting members

Florence Mayor believes Letta is 'able and capable'

Renzi says party should think hard before rejecting members

Rome, April 26 - Florence Mayor and top contender for the Democratic Party (PD) leadership Matteo Renzi said his party should think hard before ejecting members for not giving their vote of confidence to Enrico Letta, who was tapped by President Giorgio Napolitano Wednesday to be Italy's probable next premier. "It is wrong to say that no matter what, I won't vote for him (Letta). I encourage everyone to listen to him," Renzi said in a SkyTv interview. "And it is premature to say "I won't vote for him" and to be answered with "Ok, you are expelled (from the PD)," Renzi said. "I know him and admire him. He seems able and also capable to bring together this assembly of odd characters that make up the base for this 'government of service,'" Renzi said about Letta. He added that he believed the majority of his party would back a reform government proposed by 46-year-old Letta and said he believed him to be an "excellent solution". Letta said that he would present his so-called "government of service" that will be made up of a team of 18 ministers poised to pass economic and institutional reforms by Saturday or Sunday, when they are expected to be sworn in.

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