M5S urged to come into fold but rejects call

'No sign of change' Grillo rep says

M5S urged to come into fold but rejects call

Rome, April 25 - Centre-left Democratic Party (PD) deputy head Enrico Letta on Thursday urged Beppe Grillo's anti-establishment 5-Star movement to stop saying No to other parties to make it easier for him to form a broad coalition government at the behest of newly re-elected President Giorgio Napolitano. Letta told M5S whips that if their "incommunicability" continued it would become "increasingly frustrating". But M5S Senate Whip Vito Crimi rejected Letta's plea, saying they saw no sign of "real change". Crimi said M5S wanted an "impartial" government, not one which is likely to include members of the PD and Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right People of Freedom (PdL) party. Swept into parliament by a tsunami-like protest vote, M5S holds the balance of power in the Senate, which the PD failed to win despite carrying the House. It shuns the PdL and PD, saying they are equal culprits in a corrupt and dysfunctional system. The PdL is riding higher in polls because of Berlusconi's insistence since the election on the need for a coalition government, while M5S has slipped because of its refusal to co-operate and the PD is sliding after the failure of two presidential candidates exposed deep rifts. M5S told Letta Italy must reform a "demented" electoral law - a move that all parties back - while Letta urged them to back that and other Constitutional reforms because "we can't want to end the legislature Letta said he would provide "heat to unfreeze the situation" and stressed: "If everyone sticks to their positions, the voters will take it out on us".

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