Napolitano urges Italy to find "courage and determination"

President says Liberation Day a reminder of need for courage

Napolitano urges Italy to find "courage and determination"

Rome, April 25 - In the current climate of crisis, Italians must respond with "courage and firmness," President Giorgio Napolitano said during Liberation Day ceremonies Thursday. "We are in a time of ... crisis," he said at the national Museum of Liberation in central Rome, a former SS detention centre where prisoners were tortured and killed. Napolitano noted the memorial in Via Tasso was a powerful reminder of the value of courage and determination as exhibited during the Second World War by Rome's Resistance forces. "We have much to learn about how to address these crucial moments: with courage, firmness and sense of unity that were decisive for winning the battle of the Resistance". Napolitano, re-elected president less than a week ago, spoke one day after he gave Enrico Letta the mandate to form a new government.

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