Democratic Party won't name premier candidate

PD will back Napolitano's choice, Renzi says

Democratic Party won't name premier candidate

Rome, April 23 - Florence Mayor and Democratic Party (PD) rising star Matteo Renzi said that the PD would not put forward a name for a premier candidate at the party's leadership meeting on Tuesday. Earlier on Tuesday, PD member Umberto Ranieri said that Renzi would be "a courageous choice answering a political question and an important step towards the reconstruction of the relationship between politics and citizens". Renzi played down speculation the PD would propose him as premier to newly re-elected President Giorgio Napolitano. "It's the most surprising and least likely hypothesis, I don't think it's on the agenda," the popular Florence mayor said on his way in to a PD leadership meeting. Ex-premier Giuliano Amato and PD Deputy Secretary Enrico Letta were more strongly tipped to get the nomination. Napolitano is winding up talks with parties and is expected to hand a government-formation mandate late Tuesday to a respected figure able to master cross-party support. The PD came first in February's general election but fell short of a majority in the Senate, leading to two months of stalemate.

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