Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo bank says not too old for job

Bazoli, 80, says he will retire if he feels his work is sub-par

Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo bank says not too old for job

Turin, April 22 - Giovanni Bazoli, chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo bank, told shareholders Monday that despite his age, he has no plans to retire. "My attachment to this bank is total," said Bazoli, 80, who gave a spirited defence of continuity in leadership. "Any company that does not renew itself is dead, but a company that in renewing itself does not preserve the values" of its founders risks running adrift, added Bazoli, responding to questions from shareholders. He promised that if his performance on the job shows signs of decline, he would resign. The questions come as Italy as a whole is grappling with the thorny question of the age and conservative nature of its ruling classes, in both politics and business. Giorgio Napolitano, 87, was became the first president in Italian history to be re-elected head of state on Monday. Some politicians and voters have been loudly demanding a complete overhaul of the system, with younger leaders bringing fresh ideas.

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