Tool to bust tax evasion to be used in 'extreme cases'

Head of revenue service says EU task force needed

Tool to bust tax evasion to be used in 'extreme cases'

Rome, April 22 - A new system to find tax dodgers in Italy by cross-checking incomes and spending known as the 'redditometro' will be applied to the most "shameless" fiscal evaders, the head of the Italian tax agency Agenzia delle Entrate, Attilio Befera, said on Monday. Speaking at a national forum against tax evasion in Naples Befera said that the tool will be aimed at people who "spend outside of their earning bracket," but will be used in "the most egregious cases". Tax evasion "skews the redistribution of resources", for government services to citizens and hinders "healthy business growth." Befera said. "A European Task Force is needed to identify and recover (Italian) capital taken abroad," the president of the Association of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts (ODCEC), Vincenzo Moretta, said. "The return of these funds could help lower the tax burden," Moretta said. Befera told the conference that the revenue service was working to simplify income tax returns "that should be ready in May". Italy has upped its fight against rampant tax evasion to recover billion euros' worth of revenues unclaimed yearly, Befera said.

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