Grillo's M5S to stick with Rodota'

Prodi made shortlist of candidates for anti-establishment group

Grillo's M5S to stick with Rodota'

(see related stories) Rome, April 19 - The anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) will continue voting for its own candidate to be the next Italian president, Constitutional lawyer Stefano Rodota', after the centre-left Democratic Party opted to go for ex-premier Romano Prodi. Rodota' was selected following an online vote after making a shortlist that also included former European Commission president Prodi. This led to speculation that that the movement led by comedian-turned-politician Beppe Grillo might drop their man and adopt Prodi as their candidate. But the M5S lawmakers voted to stick with Rodota' at a meeting on Friday. Grillo also emphatically ruled out the possibility of M5S lawmakers switching support to Prodi. "No one in the M5S has ever dreamed of voting for Prodi and they won't dream of it in the future either," Grillo told a rally. "Our president is Rodota'". Rodota' is an ex-Communist who was the inaugural chairman of the first heir to Italy's once-strong Communist Party in 1990. Rodota', also a former head of the national privacy watchdog, is seen as more divisive than Prodi for the PD, which is trying to heal the deep rifts exposed by the failure of its first candidate, Franco Marini, an ex-Senate speaker. photo: Stefano Rodota'

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