Berlusconi trail-transfer hearing postponed

Ex-premier taking part in vote for next president

Berlusconi trail-transfer hearing postponed

Rome, April 18 - Italy's supreme Court of Cassation on Thursday delayed a hearing concerning ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's request for his two Milan trials to be transferred so he can take part in the election of the next president of the republic. Berlusconi is on trial in Milan for alleged sex with an underage prostitute called Ruby and he is also appealing a four-year conviction for tax fraud on film rights involving his Mediaset media group. He has asked for the trials to be moved to the nearby city of Brescia on grounds of alleged persecution by 'biased' judges. The Cassation said it will transfer requests on May 6. This means that both trials, with the next hearing scheduled for Saturday in the film rights case and for Monday in the Ruby one, are likely to suspended for two more weeks.

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